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  • Commencement of placing of new shares as the first milestone in bringing financial and strategic investors to the Group


  • Launching the lottery new retail business, which leverages on the Group's digital data processing and analytics capabilities, its existing vast online user resources and big data vault to maximise profits through O2O user redirection and consumption through both channels


  • Commencing acquisition of Crazy Sports to focus on the Chinese sports industry and build the biggest and most peculiar internet sports community and lottery information distribution platform in China


  • Becoming controlling shareholder of CATV to produce Chinese-Arabic cultural and current programs as well as promote the development of trades and partnerships under the national "Belt and Road" initiative
  • The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Group was congratulated by Jack Ma, Pony Ma, Robin Li, Chuanzhi Liu and other leaders of internet giants who sent their regards in short video clips


  • Completion of privatisation of CMGE in just 85 days, a new record, and brought HKD1.8 billion profit to the Group


  • CMGE was separated from the Group and became listed on the New York Stock Exchange


  • Official commencement of the Group's lottery business, which covered internet, mobile and physical store channels
  • Dr. Zhang, our Chairman, raised the concept "short video news portal" for the first time, and V1 website officially launched at the new website address, www.v1.cn
  • The first Chinese New Year Web Gala ever in the history of Chinese internet industry achieved unprecedented success under the Group's organisation


  • Assisting in the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a New Media Partner to support global journalists


  • Listing on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as the first Chinese video media enterprise to be listed


  • Official launch of the V1 website